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the country is small but polyphonic

Traveling is one of my biggest hobbies. During the ten years spent in Switzerland, as here, I visited many beautiful places here. However, I have a long list of places for future travel. Switzerland is an extremely beautiful country, but unfortunately too expensive. Here are two insider tips on how you can save by traveling with her.

The first is special day cards for free travel on the entire Swiss public transport network. They are called Gemeinde Tageskarte. The cost of the card is 40-45 francs. There is no more economical way to travel around the country using public transportation than with these cards. Therefore, if you have friends or acquaintances who live in Switzerland, ask them to buy you such tickets for specific dates of your trip.

The second is the opportunity to spend the night in mountain houses (Hütten). In Switzerland, there is a network of such huts. The full list can be seen on the website of the Swiss Alpine Club (Schweizer Alpen Club) in the Hütten section. The price per night for an adult tourist will be about 15-25 francs, which is much cheaper than any local hotel. Conditions are spartan, but all the necessary amenities are available.

Alonso Gallego

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