How do you deal with chargebacks and returns?

Because our pricing model is based on performance, you want cancel out any recovered sales that end up in a chargeback or return. In other words, we're all about transparency and fairness: if it didn't bring you a recovered sales, don't pay for it.

At the moment, however, we don't have an automated practice of working through this process.

We have you covered, though, because that's how we roll.

When we established our pricing model, we took potential chargebacks and returns into account and built them into our fees. If, however, you see a high volume of recovered orders which end up as a chargeback or return, LET US KNOW so we can make the situation kosher.
Please open a support ticket and provide the following details:
- Date of purchase of order in question 
- Email address used for the purchase
- Total amount of the order
The screenshot below illustrates where to find this information.

Send it in, and we will hook you up.
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