Where can I edit the from and reply to email addresses?

Easy peasy Japanesey. Promise.

Go to the first tab on your dashboard (“Configure”). Choose the first option in the dropdown menu (“Configure Emails”). Then click the first button on the screen to which you’re directed (“General Email Settings”).

Configure > Configure Emails > General Email Settings


To make your life a little easier – and to ensure your users don’t miss stuff from you – we’ve got your reply-to address set as no.reply@yourwebsite and the “From” field set as the name of your website. But hey, that’s just what *we* think is best. You can edit this as you wish. Just remember to save your changes when you’re done, so you can set and forget it.

Pro Tip: displaying your company name or website in the “From” field is courteous to your users and a best business practice.


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