How does the email delivery work?

First, you use our dashboard to design, customize, and configure emails on behalf of your company.

Then, you select when those emails get sent to abandoning users (you can select how much time should elapse between the abandonment and the remarketing email, and which category of customers to target, since you can segment the emails to different target markets).

We do not require the use of a third party email service provider; all remarketing are all deployed from our own delivery engine (that’s fancy talk for, “The emails come straight from us!”).

So… what’s so special about AbandonAid emails? Our system sends targeted, branded, remarketing emails to your users in real-time and catches abandonments as they happen. Or, in real-people-speak, emails can be sent to users mid-abandonment or immediately post, rather than in (less effective) batches later on.

By the way, you edit your email settings here:

Configure > Configure Emails


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