Why does the number of emails sent not match the number of abandoned carts?

You may see that the number of emails sent does not match the number of abandoned carts. In fact, the number of emails sent is often less than the number of carts abandoned. 

You see, the thing is, we can only send out abandoned cart messages to shoppers who have submitted their email addresses.

We do have a tendency to get resourceful, which is why we introduced our Presubmit Capture feature. Presubmit Capture means that our software captures users' email addresses if they submit anywhere on the site at any time.

Even if they don’t complete the registration process.

Even if they enter their email addresses on a non-checkout, non-registration page.

Even if they are not registered users.

Even if they are registered users but didn’t log in.

Even if they entered an email address but didn’t click “submit”.

So, we have you covered as well as we possibly can.


sometimes shoppers abandon before ever entering an email address and when that happens, no email address is collected and the result is that no remarketing email message can be sent.

We strongly encourage all of our clients to optimize their email collection process during checkout to maximize remarketing capabilities. (If you need help or advice on optimizing your checkout process, give us a shout and we will walk you through it.)


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