Where do I place my code?

Your Datacrushers code must be placed in the <head> section of all pages on your website. This includes all pages of your checkout and your thank you / confirmation page.

If you are placing the code yourself, rather than using our wizard to place the code for you, we offer a series of code placement guides based on the shopping cart you use. Alternatively, you can send your code to your webmaster and they'll know exactly how to place the code for you. 

If you can't place the code in the <head> section, the next best place is just above the <body> on all pages of your site. 


Please note that while we strongly encourage all clients to place the code across all site pages in order to optimize email collection, you REALLY HAFTA place the code, at the very least, on all checkout related pages including the thank you / order complete page. Help us help you.

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