Sending email blast through customer segmentation


The “Segment Email Blast” is a mass email sent out to a bunch of your shoppers at once. It’s very simple! You choose a saved segment that you created in shopper analytics and send emails out to all the shoppers in that segment.

You can get to Segment Email Blast two different ways. You can select “Segment Email Blast”  from the drop down menu under “Crushers,” (as shown above) or in shopper analytics you can get to “Segment email blast” under “action” as shown below.


You will then be brought to this page:



Here, you will first schedule the time that the email blast will be sent out. Make sure to edit both the date and the time. Then, edit the email subject and the “from” email. Next, you need to choose the email segment. To do this, you click the drop down arrow and choose the segment you saved in shopper analytics. You can also choose to exclude a segment as well. An example of using the excluding segment would be sending an email to all shoppers who were using mobile devices and excluding those who are repeat shoppers (LTS of 2 or more).

Next, you have to design the email. You can use our simple email editor, or you can copy the HTML of your abandonment emails and paste it in by clicking the HTML button. Once you paste in the HTML of your old email, you should edit the content of the email to say exactly what you would like for the email blast. Click the html button shown in the red box below and paste it in.



Once the email says exactly what you would like it to, click the red “save” button and you’re Email Blast is scheduled!


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