Shopper analytics - using LTV/LTS

Datacrushers is thrilled to announce a new feature added to our Shopper Analytics! LTV and LTS.

What are LTV and LTS?

LTV refers to lifetime value. Lifetime value is the amount of money a shopper has spent on your site since the Datacrushers code was implemented.  LTS refers to lifetime sales. Lifetime sales is the amount of times the shopper has made a purchase on your site since the Datacrushers code was implemented on your site. 

So, why are we so excited about LTV and LTS?

With LTV/LTS you can do the following:

  • Segment emails: Now your triggered emails can be segmented based on LTV/LTS (see email segmentation). For example, emails can be sent out according to whether a shopper has purchased in the past, or is a first time visitor. Emails can also be sent out with different coupons or discounts based on LTV. You can use LTV/LTS segmentation for both abandonment emails and post purchase emails! The possibilities on how to segment your emails are endless. If you need help or direction on how to set up your email segmentation we will be happy to help guide you. 
  • Segment filter: You can filter your shopper analytics based on LTV/LTS. You can save your filter as well. Below we will show you how to filter your shopper analytics.
  • Through the Datacrushers platform, LTV/ LTS saved shopper segments can be used to take the following actions: generate CSV, schedule and create email blasts, Facebook ads integration, and Facebook custom audience and ad look-alikes. (Facebook Custom Audience)

LTV/LTS show up in shopper analytics here:



To segment the shopper analytics by LTV or LTS, click the LTV/LTS tab as shown above. To segment by LTV click the box next to LTV and type in two numbers (no need to add a dollar sign). Shown is an example of segmenting shoppers who have spent between $50 and $1000 on your site. If you want to just see shoppers who have spent above $50, you can leave the “And” box blank. Then click "Apply".

To filter by LTS, put in two values i.e. 2 and 6 above.  Applying this filter will show you the shoppers who have purchased between 2 and 6 times on your site. Click apply to view the list of shoppers who fit into this category. 

*Note, if you want to add the LTV and LTS information previous to when our code was implemented on your site, you can do so by sending us a CSV with all of your shopper data.

Once you have applied the filter, you can then name the segment and save it as shown below.

All of your saved segments can be found in the drop down menu. Please note that the saved segments are a saved filter setting. Therefore each time you load the saved segment it will refresh the list of shoppers. 

Now for the exciting part! You can use your saved segment for one of the following actions: Generate CSV, Segment Email Blast, and Custom Facebook Audience. You can export your saved segment to a CSV to download. Your saved segment can be used to send an email blast to all the customers in your saved segment. You can also use it to create a Facebook ad via custom audience and have the ad show up for the customers saved in your segment. (Note: you must have a Facebook ads account to use this feature). When saving a segment to be used for an email blast or custom audience Facebook ad, make sure to click the box showing "records with email." Please note that if a shopper appears more than once in the saved segment, the system automatically narrows down to unique email addresses before sending an email or sending their details to Facebook.

Our customer support team is more than happy to help you implement these exciting features in your Datacrushers campaigns!



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