Segmentation and A/B testing

Segmentation: Abandonment emails can be segmented based on value of shopping cart, LTV or LTS. (LTV: Lifetime value, LTS: Lifetime Sales) (use hyperlinks here). A number should be entered without a currency symbol, no comma or period. (i.e. 50 not $50.00). To segment emails based on cart value, put a number in sum above or sum below. You can put a number only in sum above to segment all carts above a certain value, or only a number in sum below to segment all carts below a certain value. It is not always necessary to put a value in both boxes. For example if you want to see all orders over $100 you can enter 100 in the box that says “sum above” and leave “sum below” blank.

Segmenting by lifetime value or lifetime sales can be done by entering values into the LTV above and LTV below and LTS above and LTS below. 

Different emails can be sent out to customers based on the amount they have spent on your site or the amount of times they have made a purchase. If you would like to send emails to all customers who have purchased 3 times or less, you can enter 3 in “LTS Below”. If you would like to send emails to customers who have purchased $500 or more on your site, you can put 500 in “LTS above”.


A/B Testing:

With A/B testing you can test your emails’ performances to see which one converts the best. Create groups for each email. You can compare their performances in the Campaign Performance Report (link here).

You can track the performance of each group and email in the "Campaign Cerformance" 


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