Creating and editing emails

To select an email to edit click on the first email. Now that you have selected that email, it will open to show the below screen.


When you open the email editor the first thing you will be asked is to choose after how long to send the email. We suggest the minimum time after abandonment to send the email be 20 minutes. If you send an email after 5 minutes, the shopper may still be on your site. Sending an email 20 minutes to an hour later is the best time to catch your shopper because they have recently abandoned and are still thinking about the items they abandoned.  We suggest doing two to three emails at least. The first being 20-60 minutes, the second being after one day, and the third being after three days. DON’T FORGET TO CLICK SAVE! You can choose whether or not you want the email to be active at this point. When email status is active the emails will be sent to abandoning customers. When inactive the email will not be sent. You can also change the reply to email. Click "change" to switch it if you desire. You can also toggle the sending button to on or off instead of clicking active or inactive.

Editing the “CTA”:

CTA, is the “Call to action” that you want the customer to take. In this case, it is to bring the customer back to their cart to make the purchase.  In order to make sure the button goes to the URL you choose (we suggest the cart page rather than the homepage), right click on the button and click Insert/Edit Link.  If your cart page is a dynamic page (with configured products) you can ask support to create a dynamic URL for the CTA.

After finishing the first email, save it, and go in and edit the second and third emails. Each sending after a different amount of time, or the same amount of time with A/B testing. If you used an HTML email rather than the standard template, copy and paste the HTML from the first email.


Customizable HTML Emails:

You can send us a customizable HTML email and our tech staff will upload it for you and get it customized for you. You can also implement your own HTML email by

  1. Creating your own HTML email. (if you don’t know how to do that, ask us to do it for you).
  2. Copy the HTML.
  3. Click on the HTML button in our editor:
  4. Paste the HTML into the editor

  1. Click "Update".
  2. Click save.

Adding the Dynamic Cart Display:


Adding the dynamic cart is something that will help convert your emails. Customers will be reminded of the items in their cart with links to the products. To add dynamic cart display to your emails, you just send a support message with a request to have dynamic cart display added and our tech team will do it for you. This is how it will appear in your emails customization view:

Google Analytics Tags:

 To add Google Analytics Tags click on advanced settings in the email customization.

Once in the advanced settings, add UTM tags for google analytics. To learn more about UTM tags and best practices click here.

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