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We're excited to announce an upgrade to our “Email me my cart” feature! Now, with our “Send me my cart,” your customers can send their carts either to themselves via email or through Facebook Messenger. “Send me my cart” can be used from any device at any time and helps with cross device conversion and mulit-chanel shopping. Shoppers who are browsing your site on mobile, who don’t intend to purchase immediately, can send their cart to themselves and complete their purchase on a desktop at a later time, usually from the comfort of their home. Your shoppers can also share their cart with friends and relatives as a wish list, or for shopping advice.  In addition to helping with conversion, sending the cart to Facebook messenger gives you another avenue to engage with your shoppers. When the shopper has sent themselves their cart via Facebook messenger, it comes from your company’s Facebook page.  You will see the customer’s name in your outgoing Facebook messages, and now you can chat with your shoppers and encourage them to complete their purchase!

Shoppers can also share their carts with friends and relatives as a wish list, or simply for shopping advice.  In addition to helping with conversions, sending the cart to FacebookMessengerr gives you another direct avenue to engage with your shoppers 1-1. When the shopper has sent themselves their cart via Facebook messenger, the message is sent from your company’s Facebook page.  You (merchant) will see the customer’s name in your outgoing Facebook messages, and you can now chat with your shoppers and encourage them to complete their purchase!

The way “Send me my cart” works, is that a little window pops up at the bottom (or top as a bar – it’s up to you) of the shopper’s screen once an item is added to the cart. The customer is presented with an option to send their cart either by email or Facebook messenger depending on which widget you turn on in the UI.

The shopper is then sent an email or a Facebook Message with their cart contents.

Once the shopper clicks on the email or Facebook message, they will see the following widget on the site. Clicking on the CTA (call to action) button in the email or Facebook message brings them back to either their cart or product page. If the shopper has a populated cart, the widget just serves as a reminder. If the cart expired or they came from a different device or browser, the widget shows their cart contents and they can just click the product links to repopulate their cart. Simple!

Before getting started with this feature, please check with our Customer Support team that “Send me my cart” is ready to be configured for your site. If not, it only takes 30 seconds.

To activate our “Send me my cart feature”, go to “Crushers” at the top of your screen and then select >”Send me my cart.”

Once you’re in the editor, you’ll need to first edit the “Bar Appearance” tab for the “Sending shopper.” You have a preview in the upper right-hand corner to see and test the widget and its appearances for both the sending as well as the returning shopper. (You can click the “returning shopper” button to switch between the two and see how it will appear).

You should now edit the “heading text” of the bar. It can be “Send me my cart,” “Email me my cart,” (if using only email), “Message me my cart” if only using the Facebook Messenger or really anything else you choose. The Bar Text color and background color can be edited, and the display mode and position can be selected. The “fixed” display mode will keep the bar in place while scrolling down, and “static” will have the bar move down with the page while scrolling. “Minimize” will be a small box at one of the screen corners or top middle as shown below.



Above, you will find two sections, “cart display text” and “cart display loading text.” In these sections, you can customize the message that will appear in the widget alongside the products.

Next, you arrive at the “Widgets” section of the editor. You can then turn on emails and or Facebook Messenger by using the toggle button. You can customize the button that allows you to send the cart via email; both button color and text. For the Facebook button, you must choose one of the two options that are determined by Facebook. In order to activate the Facebook button, you must first click the “Log in With Facebook” button. (Note: you must have a Facebook account to use this feature.) Once that is done, you can turn on the Facebook messenger to appear in the “send me my cart” widget as well.

If you’ve chosen to use the emails, you will need to configure the email that your customer receives when they send themselves their cart. Click on the “Content” tab> “Email Configuration.”

Your automatic template will be loaded into the editor here. You can edit the email subject and text of the email. You can also place a different HTML designed email if you want. The cart extraction should be here as long as you have cart extraction for your emails. (If you do not have cart extraction, send us an email and we will get it set up for you). This is important so the customer can see what was in their cart.


Make sure to edit the CTA button text. In this case, it says “complete your order.” It is also important that the CTA button leads to the cart URL page.

Make sure to click save!


The last tab to configure is the analytics. Above is an example of how to fill out the analytics for tracking. Click here learn more about tracking analytics.

Once the “Send me my cart” is configured, please contact our support and we will turn it on for you.

Now your “Send me My Cart” should be up and running! Please let us know if you have any questions – we are always here to help!

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