Cart recovery messages best practices

  • Remind your customer of what was in their cart. (Dynamic cart display above).
  • Have a persistent cart. The longer the better. If your customer clicks on the 3 day email, ideally the button should lead them to their cart with all of the abandoned items still there.
  • Create a sense of urgency. “Your cart is going to expire.” “Your items are going to run out.”
  • Offer a discount, incentive, free shipping or some other offer to entice the customer with a lower final price at checkout. (You can also choose to offer discounts to customers with a minimum amount in a cart).
  • Send emails soon after abandonment. We recommend sending the email within 20 to 60 minutes of abandonment. Studies show that the sooner the email is sent the more likely it is to convert. (But don’t send it too soon! Sending an email after 5 minutes is too soon- the customer may still be on your site.) The first one is a reminder, no urgency needed.
  • Send a second email after 1 day, and another after 3 days. The last one is the most urgent.
  • Capture the customer’s email early in the checkout process. Have the email field as the first field in the checkout process. Or use our email collection popup (link here). Without capturing an email, we can’t send out those abandonment emails and recover that revenue!
  • Do A/B testing to see which emails convert better.
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