Getting started with emails

Now that you are logged into the Datacrushers App, up on the top bar you will find one of 3 categories. One is called Crushers.  Under “crushers” choose > configure emails. Then go to > General Email Settings. After General Email Settings and setting up the emails you will go to > Customize Template.

Put in your email settings and then click on customize template.

Customizing the Template:

The first thing that you will do after setting up setting up your email settings is to customize the template.

You will upload your company logo so that it is in the email header. We suggest using the colors of your website in the email.

You will need to enter your company information in the general email settings. (Spam laws require that you identify your company’s details on the footer of the emails sent out on your company’s behalf). If you don’t want to use the template you can send us a personalized HTML and we will implement it for you.



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